Enterprise Video Security

Experience worry-free non-stop video streaming with enterprise video security capabilities keeping all your valuable information locked in!

Facilitate authentication using Single Sign-On

With guarantee to provide the highest standards of Enterprise Video Security, VIDIZMO integrates with multitudes of top identity providers using industry- standard protocols (such as LDAP, SAMLP), WS-Trust and WS-Federation.

Choose the option best suited to your enterprise needs. Connect with directory services, like Azure AD and ADFS SSO. Or go for IAM providers, like Okta, OneLogin, and PingID. And even third-party login services, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Centralized Access Controls. Simplify User Management.

Already using an Active Directory or IAM system? Connect with VIDIZMO for not only SSO integration but to also avail support for SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). SCIM support automatically provisions and syncs up your organizational user data in VIDIZMO.

Wait, there’s more! Place further access controls on a granular level by assigning users one of the six pre-defined user roles: Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer, or Anonymous.

Use a Compliance Certified Platform .

Increasing frequency of data breaches and security hacks threatens loss of confidentiality causing financial losses and harm to brand reputation To ensure enterprise video security, VIDIZMO covers a diverse range of Global, Government, Industry, and Regional Compliances for the ultimate data protection.

Rapid, Convenient and Reliable Content Protection

VIDIZMO enables you to secure your content with AES-256 End-to-End Encryption at rest, in transit, and in use. VIDIZMO also empowers organizations to safeguard their content as it allows you to specify access policies for a video in the DRM license so that only authorized users can purchase the license and get access to the video. You can choose several industry-standard DRM tools, involving Microsoft’s PlayReady, Google’s Widevine, and Apple’s Fairplay.

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Key Enterprise Video Security Capabilities


Use AES-256 encryption to encrypt media in all three states to make it unusable in the case of illegal access.

Hash Checks

Data is screened numerous times against a uniquely assigned hash value for authenticity.

Role Based Access Controls

Assign users to one of the six pre-defined roles to restrict what they can do within the application or get in touch with our support team to have custom roles set.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is a free add-on feature you can use to protect your data.

Integration with SSO Apps

Integrate including over 25 different types of SSO providers and use SCIM to maintain username in sync.

Customizable Security Policy

Create a security policy to guarantee that users are constrained to the parameters specified. Restrict the ability to add users, accept requests from new users, or create a default video access level.

Audit Logs

Get thorough logs for the entire site or each individual video, including information on user identities, IP addresses, and time and date for each activity.

Restrict Downloads

Stop users from downloading content by disabling the option.

Customize login timeout

Set a custom time limit beyond which users will be unlogged from the system automatically.

Impose Single Sign-On

Remove the VIDIZMO login credentials’ option and make using your SSO the only way for users to access the system necessary.

User and Group Synchronization

Maintain directory synchronization for the data regarding your users and groups.


Create rules in SCIM to automatically issue access to users and groups depending on one of the system’s predefined roles, and automatically provide users and groups.

SSO Enabled Video Embedding

Embedded videos with authentication turned on so that viewers must log in to watch them.

Geographical Limitations

By blacklisting/whitelisting IP addresses, you can permit or prevent access for viewers in specific international or private locations.

Setting User Permissions

A group’s permissions or a video’s individual rights should be specified to ensure users follow security guidelines. Limit downloads, sharing, embedding, remarks, delegation of access, and more.

Domain Controls

By providing the domain that you want to blacklist/whitelist, you can restrict video uploading on other websites or Facebook, SharePoint, Jive, WordPress, or others.

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