A Complete Digital Media Solution for Knowledge Management

Empower your employees to document, share and manage their knowledge and expertise in a secure and searchable digital media solution for knowledge management

Consolidate Organizational Knowledge to Speed-up Work








Document Knowledge From Your Company’s Subject Matter Experts

In any organization, institutional knowledge is dispersed among various knowledge workers, subject matter experts, industry professionals, skill specialists, field experts etc. However, in the digital age, it is vital for organizations to consolidate knowledge from these individuals for digitally enabled training, learning and documentation. To enable this, VIDIZMO empowers subject matter experts with an easy-to-use video platform where these individuals can simply record videos related to their subject area and upload it in a few simple steps.

Preserve Industrial Knowledge from Outgoing Employees

Departing employees can cause a significant corporate brain drain, which directly affects business outcomes and productivity. Through digital media solutions for knowledge management, the enterprise’s outgoing or retiring employees can record and preserve their institutional knowledge in the form of videos stored on VIDIZMO’s library. 


Promote User-generated Content for Social Learning

Social learning has been around since the beginning of time but video has enabled a highly engaging and digital form of collaborative learning among peers and teams. By empowering their workforce with an easy-to-use video platform like EnterpriseTube for social learning, organizations grant their employees the ability to exchange creative ideas, best practices and other insights. 

Drive Mobile Learning to Create, Consume and Share Knowledge on the Go

Today’s workforce not only prefers mobile learning but also requires the flexibility to use their mobile devices to capture and share knowledge with their peers. VIDIZMO not only simplifies mobile video consumption but also offers an Android and iOS mobile application, which allows users to directly capture and share videos of internal/external meetings, workshops, international conferences etc. from their mobile phones.


Maximize Use of Social Business Tools for an Integrated Video Experience

Social business tools are the new norm for enterprise content sharing among peers. With social video capabilities for liking, sharing and commenting on videos, VIDIZMO offers a highly engaging learning experience. Additionally, VIDIZMO enables complete integration with all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as corporate social media such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Yammer, SharePoint etc. to simplify video sharing among peers and promote a collaborative training environment.

Search From a Large Repository of Videos Within Seconds Using Smart Search and Transcription

Speedy knowledge searchability is vital for the social learning experience to be seamless. VIDIZMO offers automatic transcription and video content indexing to allow employees to quickly search for content within videos. This can be narrowed down to search for individual spoken words, faces, topics or precise moments within the video.


Break Down Digital Silos for Collaborative Social Learning in the Workplace

Modern organizational learning takes place at all times in the form of just-in-time video learning where employees use bite-size microlearning videos for continuous learning and problem solving. With an enterprise video platform, employees get a highly engaging and user-friendly video learning experience conducive to quick, easy and continuous learning in a highly searchable video platform accessible from any device, browser or network.


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