Stream & Manage Videos Through VIDIZMO Cloud, A Video Hosting Platform


What is VIDIZMO Cloud?

A ready to deploy SaaS-based user-friendly online video hosting platform that allows organizations to save time while easily hosting, streaming, and managing videos to engage internal or external audiences while keeping security at the forefront and meeting all major compliance requirements. Smoothly manage videos through detailed features which include branding, user and group access management, auto-ingestion of recorded meetings, SSO integration and more.

VIDIZMO Cloud Capabilities

End-to-end Encryption

Video On-Demand

Publish readily playable VOD content in high definition.

Artificial Intelligence

Video Portal Libraries

Organize videos into portal libraries based on different business functions or divisions.

Automatic or Manual Redaction

Multi-device and Browser Support

Videos on VIDIZMO Cloud are automatically encoded into multiple formats readily playable on any device/browser under varying bandwidth conditions.

Evidence Permissions

Content Segregation

Segregate users into different groups and set video access on a group or user level.

Evidence Notifications

Role-Based Access Control

Assign roles to users in VIDIZMO Cloud as viewer, anonymous, contributor, moderator, manager, or administrator.

Chain of Custody

Content Organization

Effectively organize videos into categories, playlists & collections.

Tamper Detection

Interactivity Within Video

Add surveys, quizzes & handouts within videos to engage viewers, track learning or gain feedback.

Single Sign-On Integration

Brandable Portal

Follow branding guidelines to customize player template and UI on VIDIZMO Cloud’s white-labelled video hosting platform.

Multi-Source Ingestion

Multilingual Portal

VIDIZMO Cloud’s platform can be accessed in more than 15+ languages.

Feed from CCTV Cameras

Platform-wide Search

Quickly find content through advanced search features & filtered search with custom attributes.


Search Inside Video

After uploading closed captions, you can easily search inside videos through spoken words, faces, & objects.

Preserve Original Data

Secure Sharing

Securely share internally or externally with password-protected link & limited sharing options (number of views, date etc.


End-to-End Encryption

Content within VIDIZMO is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Audit Trails

Audit Logs

Keep track of user activities performed through audit logs.

Secure Multi-Agency Sharing

Single Sign-On

VIDIZMO Cloud integrates with numerous single sign-on authentication providers including Azure AD and ADFS.

Support on Multiple Devices and Bandwidths

Embedding and Social Sharing

Embed your videos on any external website as well as share externally through social media.

Case Folders

Integrations with Google Analytics and Woopra

Google Analytics & Woopra integration provides detailed analytics to track viewership trends.

Faceted Search

Analytics Dashboard

Easily view analytics on Analytics Dashboard as a visual summary.

Analyze and Annotate

Brandable Player

Customize the player template according to requirements (choose the options to include in the player, color, layout, features and more).

Evidence Crime Map

Security Policies

Set your custom retention policy, login time-out, block IPs or geographic locations, and much more.

Drone Streaming

GDPR Compliance Consent

To meet GDPR compliance, you can enable every user to agree to the system's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to use this platform, and also set custom Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Choose the Right VIDIZMO Cloud Package for Your Use Case:

Complete Enterprise Video Content Management System for both Internal and External Streaming

Cloud for Corporate Communication

VIDIZMO Cloud for Corporate Communication

Enterprises can securely communicate with their stakeholders internally and externally through VIDIZMO Cloud video hosting platform where video content libraries can be created to store, organize, search, and manage VOD content.

Cloud for Training and Learning

VIDIZMO Cloud for Training and Learning

Stream, organize and manage your employee training and learning video content on VIDIZMO cloud to onboard new employees as well as upskill and reskill existing employees.

Cloud for Zoom

VIDIZMO Cloud for Zoom

VIDIZMO Cloud’s secure video hosting platform allows automatic ingestion, management, and sharing of recorded Zoom meetings.

Single User Package for External Streaming

VIDIZMO Cloud for Marketing and Sales

Create an external brandable video portal to store, organize, manage, and share marketing and sales content to engage your target audience as well as convert prospects into customers. This instance of VIDIZMO Cloud includes one user license, with the option to host videos and stream them externally.

Cloud for Marketing and Sales
Cloud for Digital Evidence Management

We Have Got a Separate Package for Evidence Management

VIDIZMO Cloud for Digital Evidence Management

While VIDIZMO Cloud is a video hosting platform, but we also offer a separate version for Evidence Management, where you can create a centralized library with defined access to store and manage digital evidence in a secure and compliant environment with features like Audit Trail, Tamper Detection and Chain of Custody.

We Often Get Asked

When should I go for VIDIZMO Cloud instead of EnterpriseTube?

VIDIZMO Cloud is a SaaS-based cloud video hosting platform with features as stated above. Whereas EnterpriseTube is a premium enterprise video content management system for Live and On-demand videos with unlimited contributors, storage, and bandwidth options. EnterpriseTube is a highly customizable solution in terms of features, integrations, service agreement and choice of deployment.

Opt for VIDIZMO Cloud’s edition when you are looking for a standardized ready to deploy solution that is cost friendly. This solution is specially designed for customers with fewer needs who require a complete enterprise video hosting platform.

Limited plans for admins, storage hours, and viewing hours per yearScale admin, storage, and viewing hours according to your requirements
SaaS-based cloud solutionChoice to deploy in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud in region of choice
Not for deployment on-premise or in hybrid modelChoice to deploy on-premise or in hybrid model
Cost-efficient solution with limited featuresPremium solution with option to have customized features, integrations, and add-on
Only on-demand video streaming availableBoth live and on-demand video streaming available
No artificial intelligence functionalityArtificial intelligence functionality available including automatic transcription, translation of transcription, face/object/voice recognition.

Is it possible to have Live Streaming or Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities included in VIDIZMO Cloud’s editions?

Yes, you can request to get live streaming or AI features added on to your VIDIZMO Cloud’s plan as a customized add-on.Contact us to request to let us know what VIDIZMO Cloud plan you are opting for and if you want these add-ons.

Can I have customized features added to my VIDIZMO Cloud Edition?

VIDIZMO is always known for its customizable flexible plans and solutions. For further unique requirements, you can contact us to upgrade to an EnterpriseTube plan.

Can I add more contributors and admins?

Additional contributors and admins can be added to any edition for an additional price based on our standard rate. Contact us for more details.

Is it possible to purchase more bandwidth or storage?

You can purchase additional bandwidth or storage by contacting us.

comprehensive customizable solution

In need of a comprehensive customizable solution?

As mentioned, VIDIZMO also offers comprehensive solutions:

Got much more specific needs? You can also contact us for a more flexible solution deployable on your choice of cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure, with customizable features, integrations and more.

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