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Instantly deploy VIDIZMO on the Azure Commercial Cloud or Azure Government Cloud using your Azure credits and leverage your Enterprise Agreement (EA) for discounts on integrated products, including Azure Media & Cognitive Services, Azure Active Directory (AD) and more.

Using your Microsoft Azure account under negotiated rates for CPU, storage, encoding, and bandwidth, you can deploy VIDIZMO in your existing cloud with substantial cost savings and quick installation.

Choose between a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) or  Pay-As-You-Go  (PAYG)  subscription  model

EnterpriseTube  Standard

EnterpriseTube Premium

EnterpriseTube Premium

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Why Azure?

With multi-layered security controls across its technology infrastructure, Microsoft Azure provides the highest level of cloud security with more than 3,500 cyber security experts actively maintaining watch and working to protect your data and digital assets. Additionally, with 90+ compliance certifications, Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of global, region-specific and industry-specific compliances for all commercial and government organizations.

Why Azure

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