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Integrate With Single Sign-On

VIDIZMO products provide various mechanisms to achieve the highest standards of enterprise video security. SAML-P, ADFS, Microsoft Azure Active Directory or simply an on-premises Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure are just a few of the supported authentication providers for single sign-on on any VIDIZMO product. User synchronization can be achieved using VIDIZMO ID Connector, an add-on that integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, LMS and other compatible directory services to synchronize AD users with your VIDIZMO environment.

The ID Connector works for both Cloud and behind firewall implementations, in addition to providing single sign-on with centralized user management for all of VIDIZMO products. It also eliminates the need to use ADFS, SAML-P or any other methods. However, an organization may still prefer to use an ID Connector for real-time user synchronization and SAML-P or ADFS for single sign-on in order to provide a uniform SSO experience.


Use Cases

Users can access their VIDIZMO account or channel using their existing Active Directory, LDAP, LMS or any other credentials for enterprise video security. They don’t need to remember an additional username or password. All the user data in VIDIMZO now relates to the user data in other IT systems so the IT department no longer has to deal with identity management issues.

Identity Providers

VIDIZMO supports standard industry implementations for SSO that work with widely used corporate authentication services such as directory and federation services, identity access management (IAM) solutions, and third-party login services using industry- standard protocols such as LDAP, SAMLP, WS-Trust and WS-Federation.


  • Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple user IDs
  • Centralize user management and save time
  • Relate user’s VIDIZMO data with other IT Systems

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