Online Video Sharing Platform

Share videos with your intended audience only, and no other! An online video sharing platform to define access to select users, groups, the entire organization, or anonymous viewers.

Ensure Videos are Never in the Wrong Hands

Meet compliance standards by defining access for all videos published, or define access settings for every video or group of videos. With VIDIZMO video sharing platform, you can set access as either:


Anyone with the public URL to the video can access it.


These specific users will be able to access it from the video library.


These specific groups will be able to access it from the video library.


All users in the department’s portal will be able to access it from the video library.

Entire Organization

The entire organization can view the video; but none outside.

Only Those With a Link

Only those with whom the video has been shared.


Choose How you Want to Share Content

Generate Multiple Links and Expire Them as You Wish

Share videos internally or externally with multiple recipients, password protect and expire them as and when needed.

Limited Sharing Inside the Organization

Share videos with users in your organization, and set the number of views they are allowed, or the time duration between which they can watch the video.

Invite People from Outside the Organization

Share videos outside the organization by entering recipients’ email addresses, from which they will need to authenticate to view the videos. You can then set the number of views they are allowed, or the time duration between which they can watch the video.

Add an Additional Layer of Security

For your peace of mind, password protect your videos to ensure only intended audiences can access them.


Define What People with Access Can Do

You can restrict permissions of users with access by allowing them to download, embed, share, add comments or not.

Updated the Video? No Need to Resend the Link!

Need to make minor changes to a video or update it entirely? Go ahead and do it, without worrying about sharing again or resending the link, as all changes are automatically reflected.


Enforce Your Organization’s Policies for Video Sharing

You can restrict departments or the entire organization from sharing videos outside the organization. Or restrict content uploaders from defining access as they wish, and instead all videos will be uploaded with a default setting.

Key Online Video Sharing Capabilities

Define Access

For every video file or group of files, set access as anonymous, entire organization or portal, or specific users or groups

Set Permissions

For every video file, define whether users with access can download, embed, share, add comments or not

Link Sharing (Multiple Links)

Generate multiple links for a single video file that can be expired as when needed

Email Sharing with Guests

Invite people from outside your organization to temporarily sign-in and access your intended videos

Expire Access

Set a video expiry date and time after which it will no longer be available for access

Limited Views Sharing

Share videos with internal or external reciepents providing them with a limited number of views

Limited Duration Sharing

Share videos with internal or external recipients providing them with a limited time period to view

Password Protection

Set an optional password on every video file

Organizational Sharing Policy

Allow or prevent users from sharing videos outside the organization

Default Access Settings

Set a default access policy for all videos uploaded, or allow contributors to decide when publishing

Anonymous User Policy

Choose whether anonymous users on the platform can download or comment on videos, or no

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