Enterprise Video Streaming for Corporate Communication

Engage your stakeholders for effective and engaging corporate communication through live and on-demand video streaming

Corporate Communication Made Simple

Organizations continuously communicate vital information, like policies, financials or corporate changes to their stakeholders to keep everyone aligned. Be it sending a CEO message to employees or customers, or carrying out activities such as product demos, video has always proven to be the most effective mode of corporate communication.


Covering a Host of Corporate Communication Scenarios


CEO Webcasts


Town Hall Meetings


Corporate Public Relations


CSR Communication


Change Management


Corporate Events

Manage Recorded Video Conference Meetings Securely

  • Automatically ingest recorded meetings from video conferencing solutions
  • Edit, clip, annotate and publish the meetings as on-demand videos
  • Protect your recordings with passwords and disable downloads/sharing
  • Transcribe meetings in 10+ languages automatically
  • Translate transcriptions of meetings automatically in 54 languages

Create a Corporate Video Communication Library

Record your own videos or purchase and add ready-made, third-party corporate video communication presentations to your account. The video library consists of an advanced feature-set including automatic transcription, user rights & permissions management, faceted search, search inside video and more.


Enhancing Communication with Employees and External Partners


Executive Messaging and Internal Communication

Extend the reach of your live corporate events such as town hall meetings, all-hands meetings, and HR announcements to engage employees anywhere, using any device, in a highly secure enterprise video platform. Improve engagement with surveys, polls, Q&A and other interactive elements in your videos.


Investor Relations and Public Communications

Engage your investors, partners, shareholders and the public with various video communications, including investor relation calls, earning reviews, high-value client communication, public relations messaging, public announcements etc. through a dedicated video portal with highly accessible and searchable videos.


Digital Marketing and Customer Communication

Disseminate product education videos, customer testimonial ads and customer awareness campaign videos through your company’s website and social media outlets to boost brand recognition and engage prospects with widely distributed marketing videos easily accessible to your digital audience.


Increase Employee Efficiency

Use live and on-demand video streaming to distribute product & service knowledge, compliance & regulatory changes, and customer service requirements to your workforce to increase organization-wide efficiency.

Measure Message Effectiveness & the ROI of Your Video

Quickly gauge the effectiveness of your corporate message in real-time using advanced analytics and calculate return on investment. Bring about improvements to your corporate video messages and other content with the help of data-driven decisions.


Collect Feedback & Enhance the Quality of Corporate Video Communication

Improve your brand image, product acceptance, and service quality through polls and surveys embedded in your live and on-demand video streams.

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