Seamless Video PlatformIntegration for Unparalleled Interoperability

Break down digital content silos in a centralized video and digital content library to increase ROI of existing applications

Video Platform Integration Simplifies Video Content Management

Video Conference Recordings

While video conferencing systems help you communicate, they fail to provide a secure video library portal to manage, edit, transcribe and share the recordings. Through integration with video conferencing systems, a recorded meeting is automatically ingested in a secure, searchable and brandable cloud or on-premise video library.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Through seamless and secure SSO integration with enterprise Active Directory (AD), VIDIZMO simplifies authentication for enterprise users by allowing them to access all their web applications with a single set of credentials, which not only boosts their efficiency and productivity, but also saves them the trouble of logging in again.


Enterprise users can track customer activity on their marketing and advertising videos, as well as analyze customer data and the ROI, that will not only help them make prompt improvements on their marketing messaging but also gain insightful and actionable intelligence on their customers.



Seamless video platform integration with support apps adds to videos through real-time assistance offered via helpdesk and engagement with visitors on the organization’s website and support portal, to get things done faster and convert chat conversations into tickets using smart automation.

Content Processing

Enterprises can enhance user experience of their digital content by integrating with content processing applications that make their content searchable, accessible, device-agnostic and intelligent, through full-text transcripts for closed captioning and keywords. These apps provide encoding, automatic transcription, translation, facial recognition, automatic tags & metadata, and much more.


Content Management System (CMS)

Aside from being a complete video and content management system (CMS), VIDIZMO seamlessly integrates with other CMS to simplify and streamline management, sharing, organization and searchability of digital content. Such an integration enables video editing and metadata management, faster discovery with intelligent video search, refined user access controls, and much more.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Most learning management systems (LMS) have limited or no video support. VIDIZMO integrates with all LMS to augment digital learning through interactive live and on-demand videos, quizzes, surveys, handouts and courses, with consolidated and measurable analytics, as well as completion certificates.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Through integration with VIDIZMO, enterprises can automate the dissemination of videos to their CRM contacts in a much more targeted manner based on video analytics, to help convert prospects into qualified leads. This way, organizations can include video in their marketing toolkit and collect direct or indirect information from customers with in-video form submission and data tracking respectively.

Flexible. Unified. Secure.

Built on a flexible architecture, EnterpriseTube increases the use of digital content and makes digital content management simple for your IT team through integration with existing CMS, CRM, LMS, video conferencing solutions and IT infrastructure to create a consolidated user experience.


Video Platform Integration With Your Enterprise IT Infrastructure

HTML Embed Code

Enjoy the flexibility to alter the embed code dynamically by adjusting to the viewer’s software configuration and settings while also availing the flexibility to select the rendition you wish to embed.



The easy-to-use and simple API documentation helps your IT team customize and extend every aspect of the portal and integrate with other applications, regardless of complexities of media storage, encoding, distribution, streaming, scalability, etc.

HTML Widgets

Easily embed self-contained pieces of HTML widget software in external websites or CMS with easy glue-logic code for authentication and content personalization. With a fully customizable user interface, HTML widgets allow quick and seamless integration with hosting websites, without any hardcore programming knowledge.


More Customized Integrations

Apart from out-of-the-box integrations, VIDIZMO supports custom platform integrations for various other applications, tools, and software, depending on unique customer needs, including industry-specific software applications or hardware required to run in affiliation with the video platform.

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