A Secure Video & Media Evidence Sharing Solution for Commercial Security

Streamline management of digital evidence generated from security surveillance systems and use the power of artificial intelligence to ensure robust security management

Simplify Analysis & Management of Commercial Security Surveillance Videos

Commercial entities use video surveillance for a variety of purposes including monitoring the facility, inventory control, security access, etc. The need for an effective Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is warranted by the continuously increasing volume of surveillance videos. VIDIZMO DEMS allows commercial security personnel to store, manage and share surveillance videos and leverage artificial intelligence for facial recognition, motion detection etc.


Minimize the Cost of Commercial Security Surveillance

The cost of managing and maintaining multiple surveillance systems for commercial enterprises is high. VIDIZMO DEMS provides a centralized system to provide a consolidated view to the company’s staff and enable the organization to save costs and manhours by eliminating the need to maintnain multiple systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is useful for detecting motion and identifying any person who enters a company’s commercial site. Organizations can leverage the power of machine learning by training the AI engine to recognize faces and grant access to individuals based on security clearance and authorization.

Guarantee Employee Safety with Compliance

Occupational health and safety is a key concern for enterprises, specially in the manufacturing industry. Using VIDIZMO DEMS, companies can use intelligent insights for monitoring non-compliance and taking action to ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines. In case of an incident, video surveillance can help identify the cause so corrective measures can be taken to prevent it in the future.

Monitor Production Line with Commercial Surveillance

Oversee the performance of workers on the production line for quality assurance and leverage AI to get recommendations on areas that need improvements.


Monitor Inventory

Commercial enterprises can use VIDIZMO DEMS to monitor their warehouses and keep track of inventory going in or out so as to avoid any errors. The root cause can be identified in case of any miscalculations through surveillance videos.

Addressing All Video Evidence Storage Concerns

Most enterprises with video surveillance systems in place are faced with the challenge of increasing storage and corresponding costs, especially if the storage is on-premise. VIDIZMO DEMS helps organizations archive important surveillance footages and define purge policies to remove insignificant footage and minimize the cost of storage.

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