Video Platform for Fashion

Deliver top-notch virtual events and branded content with automated management of your internal video workflows and smooth collaboration with various vendors and store locations.

Lights. Camera. Action | Complete Video Content Management

Vendor collaboration. Work-in-progress footage management. Live events. Branded Content. 

Fashion and video go hand in hand both for internal and external use cases. Automate video workflows using VIDIZMO’s intelligent video content management system to benefit from adaptive global streaming of your live and on-demand videos with a variety of video content management capabilities, including:  

  • YouTube-like video portal(s) 
  • Automatic transcoding 
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming 
  • Video access controls
  • Secure external video sharing 
  • Extensive search capabilities 
    Lights. Camera. Action Complete Video Content Management
    Multiple Locations Securely Collaborate with Ease

    Multiple Locations? Securely Collaborate with Ease

    Major retail brands have stores spread globally, with photoshoots occurring in a variety of locations. At the same time, the vendors may have offices in only certain major cities.  

    Centrally manage all your video workflows categorized and arranged in playlists on YouTube-like video portals with support for secure guest sharing with external viewers. Interactive tools like annotations and timed comments create a highly collaborative ecosystem.

    Managing Large Video Loads Smoothly

    Duration, resolution level, and format type are just some of the factors that increase the file size of a video. It doesn’t take much time for videos to pile up to be in TBs. Without an intelligent enterprise video platform, streaming, storing, sharing, and processing these videos becomes a hassle. 

    VIDIZMO can be deployed in Azure, AWS, any other private cloud, on-premise, in a hybrid environment. Seamlessly work with large videos, automatically transcoding and indexing them to support advanced platform-wide and in-video smart search. Shared content can be securely viewed with password protection, limited views, and availability. 

    Upload or migrate large videos onto the platform through the desktop application, or by syncing a watch folder in your local drive with VIDIZMO, or requesting our team to partner directly with a cloud storage provider for rapid data migration.

    Managing Large Video Loads Smoothly
    Private Library with Access Management

    Private Library with Access Management

    Internal collaboration requires a private video portal for logged-in users. Create multiple autonomous video portals on VIDIZMO catering to different audience types with separate billing, security settings, and admin controls. VIDIZMO offers a private video library or internal portal with the following access management capabilities: 

    • Integration with SSO or IAM systems, and synchronization of user identities through SCIM. 
    • Limiting which users can watch which videos by segregating them into different user groups.  
    • The portal is not entirely internal only, and you can share videos with a select few external viewers if need be. 
    • Role-based access controls for assigning users one of the 6 roles with permissions pre-set to limit the video actions they may perform, like uploading, downloading or sharing.

    Covering a Range of Knowledge Sharing Scenarios

    Work-In-Progress Video Shoots

    Videos cross several hands during the production process, with teams spread across different locations. Ensure secure internal and external sharing and smooth collaboration using VIDIZMO.

    Staff Training

    Remove the need for expensive on-ground retail staff training and digitize fashion apprenticeship. Conduct recorded live training sessions or upload on-demand video course playlists for self-paced learning on VIDIZMO. Add in-video interactive elements like quizzes and handouts as well as use analytics to monitor completion and generate insights for improvement.


    The fashion world requires collaboration with offices, retail stores, vendors and agencies spread across the globe. Opt for an enterprise-grade video platform that supports such collaborative video workflows with secure sharing and automated management capabilities.

    Live Fashion & Brand Events

    Securely stream your fashion shows and live brand events like product launches and holiday celebrations to a broad audience worldwide, reaching viewers from all walks of life. Record these broadcast-quality live events and publish them on your video portal or embed on your site for playback.


    Trust and relatability are huge factors in maintaining brand loyalty these days. Be sure to upload short behind-the-scenes clips of your fashion shoots, design process, or preparation process of your fashion shows.

    Branded Content

    Stream supplementary content showcasing designer’s approach and influences behind their designs and brand concepts. Plus, branded content for visual storytelling goes a long way in bringing the designer’s vision to life. Categorize these various concepts on your branded fashion portal, arrange the clips in playlists, and feature the main ones on the homepage.

    File Formats You Name It, We Support It

    File Formats: You Name It, We Support It

    Videos come in a variety of shapes and forms. Upload all types of video and other digital media formats without a worry. VIDIZMO supports 255+ file formats for basic to advanced video processing, including automatic transcoding, thumbnail generation, and playback support on all device and browsers.

    In search for a particular file format?

    Take the Show Live

    Be it a fashion show catering to thousands of global viewers or small-scale live interviews, stream live events at scale through the support of CDN support and load balancing. Modern streaming protocols like HLS and MPG-DASH as well as adaptive bitrate streaming ensures support on all browsers, devices, and bandwidth conditions. Be sure to enable live transcription and interactivity through live chat, Q&A, polls, and much more.

    Take the Show Live
    Flaunt Your Unique Brand Style

    Flaunt Your Unique Brand Style

    Never lose your brand’s unique flair. Place your logo on the video portal, set the right color theme with the help of Custom CSS, modify the player templates by custom-choosing which controls to retain, and do much more.

    Archive To Preserve

    No need to purge your old video assets – they might come in handy someday. Optimize your video storage costs by benefiting from tiered storage layers present in all leading cloud storage providers (like Azure and AWS). Your non-frequently accessed videos can be archived for lower cost in the cold storage tier. And easily be brought back to hot storage when access is required.

    Video Archive

    Highlighted Capabilities

    Transcription and Translation

    Limited Sharing

    Share multiple password-protected links of video with any internal or external viewer and expire them when you want. Or simply guest share a video with password protection, limited views and availability.



    Viewers may place annotation right at the time stamp they want to discuss. All other viewers will be able to view it and respond accordingly.


    Automatic Transcoding

    Create multiple renditions of your videos for different format types, bitrates, and resolution levels.

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Utilize multiple renditions created through transcoding so that viewers can automatically watch the best possible quality based on their bandwidth connection.

    Global CDNs

    CDN Support

    VIDIZMO’s supports a variety of CDN providers for smooth global content delivery without buffering.



    SEO-optimized authenticated embedding is available to make your live or on-demand video available for playback on your website or application.

    AI-Powered Search


    This white-label video platform allows you to place your logo and choose a custom domain for a consistent brand experience with additional custom branding features, including creation of use case specific video player templates, color theme of your choice through Custom CSS, and much more.

    Desktop Application

    Desktop Application

    Desktop application is ever ready to handle bulk uploads of large video files. Or simply define a watch folder on your local drive where all video stored are automatically uploaded to VIDIZMO.

    Customizable Video Portal

    Mobile Streaming

    VIDIZMO, being device-agnostic, ensures optimal playback for mobile video streaming with ease of use through a mobile application.

    End-to-End Enterprise Video Platform for all Fashion Use Cases 

    VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube’s complete enterprise video platform supports live and on-demand video streaming for internal and external use cases. Not only that, but the platform also allows you to store, transcode, organize, search, analyze, and share your videos securely in a compliant environment. On top of it, various out-of-the-box and custom integrations allow you to link your disparate business and IT systems for centralized video content management. 


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