Discovery Made Easy for Public Defenders with Digital Evidence Management

Making Defense Digital Evidence Management efficient with the power of automation

The Defense’s Very Own Evidence Portal

A scalable Digital Evidence portal grants the defense the independence of seamlessly working on digital evidence and trial buildup without any interference. The Defense can completely focus on the entire discovery process to quickly extract valuable insights from evidence.

VIDIZMO empowers defense attorneys, granting them the ability to make their own defense portals to separately manage and share discovery securely without wasting any time.

Instantly Receive & Manage Evidence in a Single Location

Every Case is Defensible if the Defense is well Organized &
Prepared to Counter the Prosecutor

Automation to Manage High Influx of Digital Evidence

As the influx of digital evidence is increasing in many different media formats, it is important to incorporate them efficiently with the power of automation.

VIDIZMO grants defense the ability to automate a variety of manual workflows, including processes of evidence redaction (video, audio, and much more), automatic transcription and their translations to assist in evidence review and enabling smart search of evidence within seconds all within a single efficient software.

Simplify Digital Evidence Management for Defense

With large numbers of cases assigned to each defense attorney, it becomes challenging for them to review and analyze evidence properly in limited time.

Use VIDIZMO DEMS to segregate evidence in various cases and folders, organize them using automatic and manual tags, associate custom identifiers with each evidence to filter out search results – making it easy to retrieve and analyze efficiently.

Instantly Receive & Manage Evidence in a Single Location
Instantly Receive & Manage Evidence in a Single Location

Hassle-Free Trial Preparation with Defense Digital Evidence Management

With decisive insights gathered from digital evidence, the defense is tasked with preparing a solid case with no room for error and short deadlines looming over their heads.

Counter all these challenges with VIDIZMO as your helping hand enabling swift and accurate reviews and analysis of digital evidence through collaborative features like timed annotations, comments, and limited sharing as well as smart searching of transcriptions, On-screen text, license plates, weapons, vehicles, and faces.

Preserve Evidence Authenticity for Court Presentation

Court presentation of digital evidence can be the most challenging part of a trial. The defense must ensure smooth delivery of authenticated digital evidence shared securely.

Use VIDIZMO to provide centralized access to your evidence eliminating any chance of unauthorized usage. Verify evidence authenticity by running tamper detection and maintaining a proper chain of custody record ensuring evidence admissibility in the court.

Instantly Receive & Manage Evidence in a Single Location
Instantly Receive & Manage Evidence in a Single Location

Successfully Defend Innocent Clients & Serve the Justice

For defense attorneys, the utmost priority is to prove the defendant’s innocence by proving evidence authenticity and integrity – not giving any edge to raise a possible doubt on defendant’s innocence. 

A well-organized evidence library that prevents tamper detection and maintains complete evidence chain of custody is the need of the hour for the defense attorneys. 

Key Capabilities of Defense Portal

Evidence Collection

Digital Evidence Intake

Seamlessly ingest and maintain all digital evidence from prosecutors, police, and other parties in a central secure location for quick and easy access.

255+ File Formats Support

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Maintain a chronological list of all users who interacted with the evidence to show a transparent trail of activities performed to ensure evidence integrity.

Secure & Easy Evidence Sharing

Extensive Chain of Custody

Maintained detailed chain of custody – it is the most crucial part of a trial, as the ruling depends on it. Any tampered evidence may render it inadmissible in court.

Evidence Collection

Seamless Evidence Sharing

Smooth evidence sharing with relevant parties while having the option to limit their access to the evidence in the form of viewing and editing in a secure manner. Or go even further limit the time availability.

255+ File Formats Support

Security & Access Control

Manage access via robust security controls and choose from a variety of deployment options to have complete control over how evidence is stored. 

Secure & Easy Evidence Sharing

Tamper Detection

Verify the integrity of your evidence files with the standard SHA cryptographic hash function to detect the presence of any tampering.

Evidence Collection

Streamline Evidence Management

Create categories and tag files to organize evidence and create custom retention policies for easy evidence management.

255+ File Formats Support

Most Media Types Supported

View and maintain all types of digital evidence, such as body-worn camera videos, CCTV footage, images, and phone call recordings.

Secure & Easy Evidence Sharing

Multiple Portals

Leverage different portals with automated smart search, Automatic transcription with translation, Redaction and secure settings to segregate evidence and users.

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