Secure Video Hosting Platform

VIDIZMO Enterprise Tube is a secure video hosting platform – From application design to handling content, protecting your data is of paramount importance

Protect Data at Every State : Secure Video Hosting Platform

From uploading till playback, our secure video hosting platform keeps your data protected at every state.

At Rest:

Content is stored on disks with AES-256 bit encryption.

In Transit:

Content is protected using TLS in transit, with an additional AES-128 bit encryption to render the data unusable if intercepted.

In Use:

Content can only be decrypted using the VIDIZMO player, which renders it unusable if accessed otherwise.


Content Protection via DRM : Secure Video Hosting Platform

VIDIZMO video hosting platform helps organizations secure their content through the implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM), by allowing access policies for content to be defined in the DRM license so only a specific audience can acquire the license and play the video. You can opt for various industry-standard DRM technologies, including Microsoft’s PlayReady, Google’s Widevine and Apple’s Fairplay.

Centralized Identity and Access Management

Use your existing active directory service or identity access management system (IAM) to provide a quick and secure single sign-on experience to your viewers. Automatically provision your organization’s users and groups and keep them in sync through VIDIZMO’s support for SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management).To restrict control within the application, assign roles to these users from a list of pre-defined role types; administrator, manager, moderator, contributor or viewer. Additionally, you can assign access to video content on a granular level to control who gets to access them and who doesn’t.

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Host Data in Cloud Datacenters You Trust : Private Video Hosting

We offer a secure Private video hosting platform for enterprises. Based on security and organizational requirements, host your videos in secure datacenters of leading cloud providers (Azure or AWS) or on-premises.

Why aws

Securely Store Your Data in Azure Commercial and Government Datacenters

Vidizmo offers a complete private video hosting solution. Host your video data in your existing Azure account, or purchase VIDIZMO SaaS solutions hosted on Azure and benefit from:

  • Security controls integrated into hardware and firmware components
  • Added protection against threats such as DDoS
  • A Team of more than 3,500 cybersecurity experts to safeguard your data
  • Data redundancy – Azure makes multiple copies of your data

Learn more about Azure Security
Learn more about Azure Government Security

Securely Store Your Data in AWS Commercial and Government Datacenters

You also have the option to host data in secure datacenters by AWS and benefit from:

  • Security-specific tools and features offered by AWS for network security, configuration management, data encryption and access controls.
  • Regular third-party validations on AWS cloud datacenters for thousands of global compliance and security requirements.
  • Data redundancy – AWS makes multiple copies of your data

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Securely Store Your Data On Your Premises

Securely host your videos behind the frewall, through our on-premise deployment option.

Why Azure

Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications

By inheriting all applicable compliance and certifications offered by major cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure (Government and Commercial), AWS (Government and Commercial), VIDIZMO helps you fulfill range of compliance certifications related to data security and privacy.

  • Global compliance – SOC 1, 2 and 3, ISO 27001, CSA STAR, CIS, CSA etc
  • Government compliance – FedRAMP, CJIS, DOD, ITAR, FERPA, FIPS, FISMA etc
  • Industry compliance – HIPAA, SOX, CDSA, FFIEC, FINRA etc
  • Regional compliance – GDPR, DJCP, ENISA IAF, PASF, C5, FISC, IRAP etc.

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Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications
Only You Can Access Your Data!

Only You Can Access Your Data!

Store and process data in your cloud. Your data is strictly separated from the VIDIZMO system data, all actions are logged and at no point are we able access your data.Discover the ultimate way to share videos exclusively with your intended audience. Our private video hosting ensures your content is accessible only to those you invite, granting you complete control over who views your videos.

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The US Department of State Trusts Our Platform’s Security

For streaming private internal live and on-demand videos, the US State Department uses VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube and the secure Azure Government infrastructure to protect these videos from unauthorized access.

Key Secure Hosting Capabilities


Encryption at Rest

Store content at rest with AES-256 bit encryption to render data useless if access by unauthorized parties


Hash Checks

Data is validated at multiple points to ensure originality


API Authentication and Encryption

Ensure secure exchange of data between VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube and your existing IT systems

Closed Captions

Encrypted Credentials

Keep user data and login information protected


Password Protection for Videos

Add an additional layer of security to videos by adding a password to them


URL tokenization

Share content with tokenized URLs to limit viewing, or to expire video access when you wish


Content Access Management

Define for every video as to who gets to see them; anonymous users, all internal logged-in users, or specific departments, groups or users

Closed Captions

Role Based Access Controls

Limit actions that users can perform within the application, by assigning them one of the 6 pre-defined roles, or contacting our support team to have custom roles configured


Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Protect your content through DRM, which is available as an optional add-on

360-Degree Video

Geo Restrictions

Enable or disable access to viewers in specific global or private locations by blacklisting/whitelisting IP addresses


Domain Restrictions

Restrict video embedding on external sites or Facebook, SharePoint, Jive, WordPress or other CMS, by specifying the domain that you want to blacklist/whitelist

Closed Captions

Customizable Security Policy

Define a security policy to ensure users are restricted to defined parameters. Disallow external sharing, anonymous access, the ability to add users, new user requests or define a default video access setting


Set User Permissions

Define permissions on a group level or for every video to ensure users conform to security requirements. Restrict downloads, sharing, embedding, comments, the ability to delegate access and more

360-Degree Video

Block Downloads

Restrict viewers from being able to download content


Audit Logs

Get detailed logs for the entire portal or for each individual video, with every activity logged, timestamped, user identity and IP addresses mentioned

Closed Captions

SSO Integration

Integrate with 25+ different types of SSO providers and keep user identities synced using SCIM


Custom Login Timeout

Define a custom time period after which users will be automatically logged out of the system

360-Degree Video

SSO-Enabled Video Embedding

Embed videos with authentication enabled, requiring users to login before accessing them


On-Premise Deployment Option

To stream videos behind your firewall, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube has an on-premise deployment option

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VIDIZMO Offers an End-To-End Enterprise Video Hosting Platform with Multiple Features

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