End-to-End Corporate Video Training Platform

A YouTube-like video learning platform for creation of a virtual training library to mentor and upskill your employees.

Build a Virtual Academy | Your Organization’s Own YouTube-like Platform for Training

There’s nothing holding you back from making corporate learning engaging and interactive. Stream and manage self-paced on-demand video courses or conduct live training sessions on a YouTube-like video training platform. Train thousands of employees and ensure your courses are accessible globally from any device and browser. Not only that, you can also add quizzes, track completion, and much more!


Engaging Real-Time Interactive Live Sessions

Create live webcasts with an interactive feature-set that enables trainers to conduct quizzes, collect surveys, share handouts, conduct Q&A, allow two-way participation and track attendance. Capture and record these live streams, clip them to remove any unnecessary bits and enable learners to revisit them as needed.

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Interactive Courses for Active Learning

Create and insert interactive elements such as quizzes with a specific passing criterion, surveys to collect feedback on trainers and handouts to share supporting material within your training videos and courses. Build scalable video libraries with course playlists and collections on a consolidated video training platform.

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Use Cases

Corporate Training

Companies spend huge sums of money on vendors for various compliance training programs to earn & retain various certifications, like OSHA, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 etc. With live video streaming & on-demand videos, organizations can conduct compliance training for several employees at once and significantly reduce training costs.


Onboarding of new employees can be costly with high chances of variance in the delivery of information. Use a corporate video training platform to provide a consistent onboarding experience at a much lower cost by creating onboarding video playlists to bring each new employee up-to-speed.


Continuing medical education (CME) is important for the professional development of healthcare providers. However, the high cost of large-scale training can be a challenge that videos can help resolve, allowing organizers to conduct remote reusable trainings, track attendance, measure performance, and grant certifications.

Sales Training

Create up-to-date sales training courses to keep your sales staff updated with all the industry best practices, trends, and new product features. Empower them with knowledge and skills that can help them more effectively covert prospects into customers.

Knowledge Base

Maintain an integrated workforce by creating a knowledge base on a video training platform for collaborative knowledge sharing purposes. Upload recorded live or pre-recorded on-demand videos to a video library and define who can access what videos, thereby making knowledge transfer seamless and secure.

Sports Training

As a Sports organization, you may need to train your VAR referees, third umpires, or volunteers for game rules, operating equipment, decision making based on scenarios, etc. Standardize and deliver such training through your video library.

Solve Your Video Bandwidth and Network Challenges

Integrate with LMS & Video Conferencing Systems

Maximize usage of all digital learning content and recorded training sessions with consolidated and measurable analytics by integrating our end-to-end video training platform with your existing learning management systems (LMS) and video conferencing systems.

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Flexible, Accessible Video Training Platform

Ensure content accessibility for your learners worldwide by automatically transcribing and translating the transcripts of your video into more than 52 different languages. The interactive transcripts allow for in-video searchability for easier content discovery and to help you jump right to the relevant parts in the video.


Quantify Learning for Data-Driven Decisions

Evaluate learner progress with measurable assessment reports that present complete feedback on individual performances, and calculate the ROI for each digital learning asset using analytics for making improvements on the go.

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Leverage Your SCORM Content

Publish your SCORM content developed through SCORM-compliant tools such as Articulate and Captivate, and use VIDIZMO to manage, share, control access for your videos while gaining detailed insights into the progress of your learners.

Efficient Live Video Distribution with Multicast or P2P Streaming

Expand the Reach to External Audience

Share your corporate training and learning videos by generating a link, social media, email, embedding on any external website or through your public portal that is accessible to any anonymous viewer.

Segregate Access to Trainings Based on Departments

Keep your training courses for each of your departments or business units separate with restricted access in different user groups.

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Different Use Cases Require Autonomous Management
Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Provide Courses, Learning Plans and Certifications

Compile videos, documents, presentations and other digital learning assets in a course, assign for structured or unstructured learning, and enable learners to create personalized learning plans. On top of it, trainers can also reward learners with certifications for successfully completing a course.

Find Virtual Academy on Azure or AWS Marketplaces

VIDIZMO Virtual Academy is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Azure Government Marketplace and AWS Marketplace as SaaS under a Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) models.

Optimized Video for Uninterrupted Learning

Ensure consistent, uninterrupted delivery of training and learning content even in remote areas with videos optimized for best possible playback experience viewable on any device and browser under varying bandwidth conditions.

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VIDIZMO Empowered Yamaha to Virtually Train and Connect Their Workforce

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Highlighted Features

Edge Caching

Content Management

Create, edit, host, manage, share and stream all types of digital learning content within your corporate video training & learning solution

P2P Streaming

Course Creation

Compile and arrange training content to create structured or unstructured courses and assign them to learners

Multicast Streaming


Insert quizzes, surveys and handouts in training videos, and use live chat and Q&A to interact with your audience


Faceted Search

Quickly find training and learning content with advanced search, filters and even search inside videos

Content Segregation

Content Segregation

Create user groups to segregate digital learning content based on departments, geography etc.

P2P Streaming

Multilingual Capabilities

Access the platform and translate training videos in multiple languages for easier understanding and accessibility

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Track viewership, content usage, and generate actionable insights for content improvement through graphical reports and analytics dashboards.

Intelligent Fallback Logic


Integrate with your LMS and other existing training related-business applications like video conferencing systems, CRM, etc.

Automated Transcription

Automatic Transcription

Automatically transcribe live and on-demand training videos in around 52 languages. If a single video has speech in multiple languages, these can also be transcribed.

Live Social Media Integration in Live Stream

Live Training

Stream multiple live training videos to a global audience privately or publicly with elastic CDN

Multicast Streaming

Mobile Learning

VIDIZMO’s mobile application allows your users to easily view the training courses on the device of their choice


Not Just Training and Learning – Use One Platform for All Video Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform designed to solve multiple video use cases. Upload virtual company townhalls, or stream advertisements on your website. Share confidential meeting recordings or conduct a live virtual conference. Create multiple video portals for separate departments or use cases under one platform, and do much more.

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