Video Platform for Your Remote Workforce

Build a more productive remote workforce with an enterprise video solution for improved organizational communication and collaboration

Why Need a Video platform for Your Remote Workforce?

Video conferencing is good for conducting Meetings, while MS Teams or Slack is good for internal communication. Content management systems such as SharePoint stand out in team collaboration over files, so Why do you need a separate video platform for your remote workforce?

Well, videos are a special and they require separate attention. It is counterproductive for your employees to download videos every time they need to view them (it’s worse if they are in GBs). Having a YouTube-like video platform will make videos easily accessible from any device and anywhere remotely. You can have all your videos in one place, streamed, maintained, and organized in a video library.

Why Need a Video platform for Your Remote Workforce
A YouTube-like Platform for Remote Training and On-boarding

A YouTube-like Platform for Remote Training and On-boarding

Learning & development is crucial for the growth of employees and organizations. As workforces are increasingly going remote, learning and development is becoming a challenge. By creating a YouTube-like platform, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can solve this challenge by allowing employees to easily access training and on-boarding videos remotely.

Change Management or Video Change Management?

Change management has always been a major challenge for many enterprises. The severity of this challenge doubles in the context of remote workforces. To ensure effective change management, enterprises can use live and on-demand video to communicate changes through a centralized platform, make the transition as smooth as possible and help every employee adapt easily.

Change Management or Video Change Management
Organize Your Recorded Meetings

Sharing is Caring with Knowledge Transfer

Organizations have been recording video conferencing and live streaming meetings to share with intended individuals to spread information and awareness. That being said, robust security and efficient management of these recorded meetings are two of the biggest challenges for many enterprises. To overcome such issues, enterprises can use EnterpriseTube for securely managing on-demand videos like recorded meetings.

See How Remote Teams Are Working Via Insights

A video platform offers an analytics tool that a video conferencing tool doesn’t. Successful remote teams are those whose performances are being analyzed just like any other team in the organization. Their manager can analyze who views training videos, on-demand communication and even find the least interacted videos to improve them for remote teams.

See How Remote Teams Are Working Via Insights

Organize Your Recorded Meetings

How can you make meetings more productive and valuable? By recording them. When there are thousands of meetings being recorded, it’s a good idea to use a video platform to maintain an on-demand video library of these meetings. Recorded videos from conferencing tools like Zoom, MS Teams are automatically ingested in VIDIZMO, where they can be organized and managed in playlists, collection, and categories.

Use Cases

Remote Training & Learning

Conduct real-time or self-paced courses for various purposes like compliance training for the energy sector. These could be micro-learning bites with interactive elements like knowledge-check quizzes, informative handouts, or feedback surveys. Track analytics dashboards to monitor completion and course progress.

Online Meeting Recordings

Automatically ingest your meeting recordings and make them available as on-demand videos which can be viewed as and when convenient

Internal Virtual Events

Live Stream your internal events virtually such as CEO webcasts, webinars, townhalls etc.

Eliminate Note-Taking

AI transcription eliminate note-taking while enabling your remote workforce to focus and engage on the discussion at hand.

Highlighted Features

Transcription and Translation

Internal Live Streaming

Securely broadcast HD videos inside your organization with real-time encoding.


On-demand video

Stream-on-demand videos anywhere, anytime from any device.
Secure Sharing

Secure video sharing

Manage, set permissions, define access and share securely at scale all within the platform.

automatic transcription

Automatic transcription

VIDIZMO automatically transcribes each and every word spoken in the video, which is made searchable.

Global CDNs


Seamlessly integrate with video conferencing tools such as Zoom or MS Teams or with other platforms like LMS, CMS, CRM, Salesforce etc.

Role-Based Access Control


Make your videos appealing and engaging by adding interactivity such as quizzes, surveys, forms, timed annotations and much more.

Audit Logs

Smart Search

Search inside video for spoken words, objects and on-screen text with VIDIZMO’s smart search powered by AI

Video Portal Libraries

Video Content Library

Manage all your videos in playlists, collections and even categories in an organized way.

Not Just Video Platform for Remote Workforce – Use One Platform for All Video Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform designed to solve multiple video use cases. Upload internal training videos, or stream advertisements on your website. Share confidential meeting recordings or conduct a live event. Create multiple portals for separate departments or use cases under one platform, and do much more.

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