Enterprise Video Solution for Remote Workforce

Build a more productive remote workforce with an enterprise video solution for improved organizational communication and collaboration

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Bridging Communication Gaps

Remote workforce often struggles to communicate effectively. To bridge any possible communication gaps, video conferencing with live and on-demand video streaming is considered to be a dependable option. While video conferencing helps in two-way communication within the remote workforce, live streaming serves as the ideal video solution for one-to-many communication e.g. CEO Webcasts, all-hands meetings etc.


Enterprise Live Video Webcasting Platform

  • Stream live video webcasts in HD quality with elastic CDN
  • Conduct multiple streams of live video webcasts simultaneously
  • Capture and record live video for high quality on-demand playback later on
  • Allow viewers to interact through live chat and Q&A sessions during live video webcasts
  • Use any software, hardware and streaming cloud such as Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Transcode video for all streaming protocols such as HLS, RTMP and HTTP

Change Management

Change management has always been a major challenge for many enterprises. The severity of this challenge doubles in the context of remote workforces. To ensure effective change management, enterprises can use live and on-demand video to communicate changes through a centralized platform, make the transition as smooth as possible and help every employee adapt easily.

Securely Manage Zoom Video Conference Meeting Recordings

  • Automatic ingestion of Zoom meetings from the cloud
  • In-built capabilities to edit, clip, annotate and publish Zoom meetings
  • Protection of Zoom recordings with passwords and the option to disable downloads/sharing
  • Automatic transcription of Zoom meetings in 12 languages
  • Automatic translation of Zoom meeting transcriptions in multiple languages for easier understanding and accessibility

Knowledge Transfer

Organizations have been recording video conferencing and live streaming meetings to share with intended individuals to spread information and awareness. That being said, robust security and efficient management of these recorded meetings are two of the biggest challenges for many enterprises. To overcome such issues, enterprises use EnterpriseTube for securely managing on-demand videos like recorded meetings.


Remote Training

Learning & development is crucial for the growth of employees and organizations. As workforces are increasingly going remote, learning and development is becoming a challenge. To maximize ROI for training programs, L&D professionals trust EnterpriseTube for training employees through video, monitoring attendance and evaluating performance.

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