Automatic Audio and Video Redaction Through AI

Through AI analysis on videos, audio and other digital media, automatically detect and redact faces, people, speech, license plates and custom identifiable information (PII).

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Why Your Organization Needs Automatically Redacted Videos and Audio

Organizations carry out redaction to:

  • Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Maintain privacy of individuals appearing in a video or recorded audio
  • Comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPPA, California State Bill 748 (SB-748) and others

Automatically carrying our redaction through AI for the above-mentioned purposes saves time and resources for businesses and law enforcement agencies.

See it in Action

Semi-automated and Automatic Workflows

VIDIZMO offers you capabilities to create semi-automated or even completely automated workflows:



A redaction tool that allows you to select people, objects, words or other PII in digital evidence and redact them within a selected time frame.


Upload videos and other digital media in bulk, use AI to detect people, objects, words or other PII and perform quick redactions.

Enhance Users’ Ability to Protect Private Information, Comply With Regulations and Save Valuable Time



VIDIZMO through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) redaction feature can automatically detect and track faces and bodies within video, mark custom objects in images, and mute or bleep audio segments containing personal information.

Through our in-built redaction software and preview pane, users can then define which faces and bodies need to be redacted. With start and end time markers, the solution would rapidly mask elements throughout the video and audio.

Additionally, define additional sensitive information in videos appearing in the form of custom objects such as license plates, address, symbols etc. and select the identified item. After careful review and analysis of sensitive details, the audio and video can be easily redacted with one click.


VIDIZMO through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) redaction feature empowers users to protect privacy (PII) and comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPPA, California State Bill 748 (SB-748) etc.

Redacting information such as individual faces, license plates, custom objects and audio that identifies individuals by names and other PII helps enterprises and law enforcement agencies comply with regulations that mandate them to remove such information.



Manual redaction requires extensive workforce and expertise to review each frame and make the necessary edits, such as hiding faces of witnesses and cutting out speech from audio recordings. The procedure, besides being costly, is time-consuming which is why many organizations find it challenging to manually redact and release large quantities of digital evidence.

VIDIZMO’s feature for automatic video and audio redaction through AI helps cut down redaction time in comparison to manual review and editing workflows. In a matter of minutes, perform tasks that would otherwise consume countless hours. This feature can be used effectively by users of all levels of expertise as it requires no extensive training.

Tailoring Smart Solutions for Your Organization’s AI Needs

Need a software for automatic redaction of digital evidence the moment they are uploaded or shared? Or need to define custom attributes to be redacted in bulk in any form of digital data? We can offer tailored solutions for you. AI capabilities to cater to various organizational needs.

We adapt our AI capabilities for each company to give them the optimal smart technology – one that helps them automate business processes, enhance productivity, boost revenues, and gain competitive advantage in the market – all while retaining full control of how they wish to deliver their AI media solutions.


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