Automatic Audio and Video Redaction Through VIDZIMO AI

Through AI analysis on videos, audio and other digital media, automatically detect and redact faces, people, speech, license plates and custom identifiable information (PII).

Why is Automatic Video and Audio Redaction Important?

Redaction is Important for The Following Reasons:  

  • Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) 
  • Maintain privacy of individuals appearing in a video or recorded audio 
  • Comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPPA, California State Bill 748 (SB-748) and others 

If your organization is storing and managing large amounts of audiovisual data, then manually redacting faces, objects and other PII isn’t the best idea. What you need is a tool that easily does this for you, saving time and resources. 

Why is Automatic Video and Audio Redaction Important

What VIDIZMO’s Audio and Video Redaction Tool Has to Offer?

VIDIZMO Redction Tool

Detect and Track

VIDIZMO through its Artificial Intelligence (AI) redaction feature can automatically detect and track faces and bodies within a video, mark custom objects in images, and mute or bleep audio segments containing personal information.

Redact Away Through a Few Simple Clicks

Through our in-built redaction software and preview pane, users can then define which faces and bodies need to be redacted. With start and end time markers, the solution would rapidly mask elements throughout the video and audio.

Additionally, define additional sensitive information in videos appearing in the form of custom objects such as license plates, address, symbols etc. and select the identified item. After careful review and analysis of sensitive details, the audio and video can be easily redacted with one click. 

Benefits of Automatic Redaction

Through means of our AI-assisted automatic redaction, your organization can: 

  • Save time and resources required in manual redaction processes. 
  • Fulfill regulatory compliances and protect the privacy of individuals. 
  • Redact files on-demand without the need for dedicated resources to do this for you.
    Manual Redaction Workflows are Old School – You Need a Modern AI-Powered Tool

    VIDIZMO is recognized as a Major Player in the 2020 IDC MarketScape

    You Can Purchase VIDIZMO’s Audio and Video Redaction Solutions in Three Ways

    Standalone Redaction Tool

    Standalone Redaction Tool

    You can opt for our standalone tool, where you can upload media files, redact and download them.

    As Part of Our Video Content Management System

    Or you can opt for EnterpriseTube, our Gartner recognized enterprise video content management system with multiple features. All video and audio files uploaded on the platform will be optimized for streaming, and you can manage them securely such that you can define for every video as to who gets to see them. You can host videos in your data center of choice, on-premise or purchase our platform as SaaS.

    Audio and video redaction is offered as an add-on, and with the platforms existing data governance features, you can manage all of your organization’s media files in a secure and compliant manner. 

    Video Content Management System
    Digital Evidence Management System

    As Part of Our Digital Evidence Management System

    Or you can opt for the IDC-recognized Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), for storing, managing and sharing digital evidence such as videos, audio, images and other evidence files on a secure system. You can host VIDIZMO DEMS in any commercial or government cloud of choice, on-premise data center or purchase our platform as SaaS.

    Audio and video redaction is offered as an add-on for maintaining privacy and meeting compliances such as CJIS, CCPA, and more.

    Can I save a redacted version of a video as a new file and retain the original?

    Yes, VIDIZMO allows you to choose to create a new file after redaction or overwrite the original, whichever is preferable. 

    Can I just redact faces or the entire body of a person?

    In VIDIZMO, you can choose to redact a person’s face or the entire body, whichever is preferable. 

    If the AI detects 1 person as two separate persons, what do I do then?

    It’s natural for one person to be detected as two separate people if they appear different at different parts of the video. VIDIZMO offers a functionality to merge two or three detected people into one person, which makes it simpler for naming. 

    Does VIDIZMO offer manual redaction or automatic redaction?

    VIDIZMO offers both. To save time, AI-assisted redaction can be used where you can specify a start and end time and all detected faces will be redacted within. You can also use VIDIZMO to manually draw and blur relevant parts if need be.  

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