Enterprise Video Platform for Sales & Marketing Enablement

Increase the ROI of your sales and marketing videos by generating leads, offering unparalleled customer support and promoting new products through our enterprise video platform

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Customer Support


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Integrate Our Video Platform for Sales & Marketing with CRM Tools

  • Convert prospects into marketing or sales qualified leads by integrating EnterpriseTube with your existing CRM
  • Include video in your marketing toolkit with in-video form submission and collect direct/indirect information of customers through data tracking

Execute Video Webinars for Demand Generation

Conduct a multitude of webinars to engage your audience with product updates, new offerings, or any other information you wish to propagate in a live session while giving people the opportunity to engage with you in real time through questions, comments or feedback. VIDIZMO video platform for marketing and sales enables end-to-end webinar execution including registration, live video streaming and detailed analytics. During live webinars, you can even allow the attendees to connect with a sales or marketing representative through live chat.

Execute Video Webinars

Drive Lead Generation with Video Interactivity and Engagement

Make your marketing videos interactive by adding forms, polls and other media to your marketing content. This will lead to higher engagement with your audience. With higher engagement, you can convert viewers into leads, prospects and customers. In EnterpriseTube, you can even identify prospects showing the highest levels of engagement, through user-activity reports and analytics.

Identify Highly Engaged Leads and Shorten the Sales Cycle

Optimize your lead generation marketing funnel by identifying the most engaged or interested prospects who may only need minimal nurturing to convert into customers. VIDIZMO’s detailed viewer analytics help you measure their participation while tracking viewing duration, interaction with in-video polls and surveys, questions asked and social media activity. Based on these reports, additional marketing information can be shared with identified prospects or leads.

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