Video Marketing Software and Sales Platform

From product demos to webinars to capturing leads from your videos, use our video platform to stream high quality interactive video to your prospects.

Easily Host Marketing and Sales Videos

Host marketing and sales videos and share them with your customers and prospects through a brandable YouTube-like platform. But unlike YouTube, you retain ownership of your content and can do much more. Track analytics, integrate with existing applications and embed videos right where they are needed. Most importantly, make sure the video portal reflects your brand!

Generate Leads!

Generate Leads!

Convert your prospects into leads by adding forms (HubSpot, Salesforce or any other CRM) at any given point of the video. Let your users watch the video for a few minutes and then have them fill up the lead generation form in order for them to continue watching.

Deep Insights – Better Performance

Want to know how your video is performing? How many times it has been viewed or downloaded? Or how about video popularity of a particular embed code? VIDIZMO analytics give you deeper insights through reports, audit trails and graphs while answering all your questions.


Promote Your Video Anywhere and Everywhere

Hosting video directly on CMS without embedding can be a problem. No compatibility on multiple devices and extensive loading time. Instead, you can embed your videos from VIDIZMO through an embed code wherever you want and however you want. Embed a live stream or an on-demand video across the web to increase engagement and boost interaction.

Multilingual Translation and Transcription

Increase overall content accessibility for your marketing videos. For instance, you can create a video portal for marketing that can be accessed in 40+ languages. The videos within can be transcribed and translated automatically into the language of your choice.

Multilingual Translation and Transcription

Use Cases

Product Demo Videos

Create brand awareness and explain your product or service to prospects through prerecorded video demos. In this way, your sales representatives don’t need to explain the product every time.


Instruct, educate or demonstrate your offers to a large target audience through webinars. Reach a wider audience in real-time while making webinars engaging through analytics or rich audio-visual components provided by VIDIZMO.

Host Advertisements, Testimonials etc

You can easily embed videos to your websites such as advertisements to spread awareness, or customer testimonials to build trust.

Customer Support

Save time for your customer representatives by prerecording videos about your product or service. We do it too. We provide a video portal where VIDIZMO users can watch how-to-videos and learn at their own pace. Have a look here.

Highlighted Capabilities

Transcription and Translation


Set up your customized player, portal and domain to ensure that the video marketing and sales platform meets your branding guidelines. 

Optimized Playback

Marketing and sales videos uploaded onto the platform are readily playable on any device or browser, in different geographies under varying bandwidth conditions. 

Embedding and Social sharing

Embed your video player on any website or share them with audiences through social media. 
AI-Powered Search

Forms, Surveys and Documents

Interact with your audiences by inserting forms, surveys and documents in videos. 
Global CDNs

Video Analytics 

For each video, get detailed viewing analytics, engagement trends, device usage, geography and heat maps, demographics, and quality of experience. 
Role-Based Access Control

Multilingual Portal 

Access the platform in multiple languages for easier understanding and accessibility.
Audit Logs

Advanced Sharing 

Share videos with password protection, limited time, duration, through social media, email or link. 
automatic transcription

CRM Integration

Integrate various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot etc., to turn your prospects into qualified leads.

End-to-End Enterprise Video Platform for all Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform for live and on-demand video streaming for internal and external audiences. Not only that, but the platform also allows you to store, search, analyze, restrict and share your videos securely and in a compliant environment. On top of it, numerous out-of-the-box and custom integrations allow you to connect your disparate IT systems for centralized video management.

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