Analysis & Management of Digital Evidence for Public Safety

Safeguard citizens, organizations, and institutions against any threats for public safety with Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Simplify the Management of Public Safety

VIDIZMO DEMS provides a centralized and integrated solution that can help store, manage, search and analyze ever-increasing digital evidence with minimum effort, to relieve officers from international policing establishments, ministries, volunteer firefighters and other public safety officers of administrative tasks, and allow them to focus on their primary job i.e. ensuring the security of the public.


Collaborate with Stakeholders to Serve Swift Justice

Secure sharing of information and collaboration in real-time among agencies and jurisdictions is essential for justice to prevail in its true sense. VIDIZMO DEMS allows easy sharing of evidence among all stakeholders relevant to a case such as law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, DA offices, courts etc. while maintaining chain of custody to help resolve cases in the most judicious manner possible.

Manage all Digital Evidence in a Centralized System

VIDIZMO provides comprehensive ingestion of digital evidence from all formats and sources including as body-worn cameras, CCTV cameras and dash cams. Public safety officials can combine resources and coordinate their activities to promptly respond to a variety of events and maintain public order.

Locate Evidence Faster with Faceted Search

Digital evidence is growing so rapidly that even the most well equipped and resourceful departments can get overwhelmed very quickly. To save the valuable time of public safety & law enforcement officers, VIDIZMO offers a powerful search that enables them to quickly find and retrieve evidence through a Google-like library and search inside videos.

Secure All Digital Evidence for Public Safety

VIDIZMO DEMS addresses all concerns related to evidence security and protects all digital evidence from the moment of ingestion to avoid any security loopholes and allow no question to its integrity. Tamper detection, chain of custody, audit logs, encryption in transit & rest, robust authentication and authorization protocols are some of the industry-standard security systems in place to keep evidence safe and secure at all times.


Combat Crime with Artificial Intelligence 

Law enforcement agencies can leverage artificial intelligence for redaction, object, voice and facial detection, language identification, transcription and much more to analyze evidence and combat all threats to public security in a timely and efficient manner. With AI, officers can combat crime by generating actionable insights to predict possible threats and quickly respond to intelligence gathered from sources such as CCTV cameras, dash cams, and body-worn cameras.

Analyze Evidence & Draw Insights with Analytical Tools

VIDIZMO offers several analytical tools that help make the jobs of law enforcement officers easier. An example of such tools is a geomap of evidence, which not only shows all evidence by location but also helps officers gather geographical insights and connect the dots. In addition, frame by frame video analysis and annotation also come in handy for officers to draw insights from evidence more efficiently.


Integrate and maximize the agency’s ROI

VIDIZMO DEMS integrates with all existing systems in an agency, such as computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and record management system (RMS), acting as a catalyst to maximize the return on all investment made on the infrastructure and making sure they don’t become redundant.

Stay Compliant

Every public and private institution must follow certain guidelines, procedures and rules often referred to as compliance. VIDIZMO DEMS take care of all your compliance-related worries as the solution, which is deployable on AWS and Azure Government/Public Cloud, is compliant with all major international, federal, state and local compliances including but not limited to GDPR, CJIS, FedRamp, SDPR, DISA and Freedom of Information Act.

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