Live and On-demand Enterprise Video Streaming
& Content Management System


Solve Multiple Video Streaming Challenges Through EnterpriseTube

EnterpriseTube is a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management system (EVCM) with live and on-demand video streaming for both internal and external audiences. You can define access for videos, organize and share them in a brandable portal, auto-ingest recorded meetings, use AI for improved search, and do much more.

EnterpriseTube Capabilities

EnterpriseTube is trusted for its ability to solve identity management, security and compliance requirements, through detailed features within the application, integrations and its deployment flexibility.


Live Streaming

Conduct multiple low latency live streams internally or externally, which can be scaled according to audience size.


Video On-Demand

Stream on-demand videos in high-definition, seek frame by frame and navigate through keyboard shortcuts, add closed captions, annotations, and attach files.


Manage Recorded Meetings

Automatically ingest recorded Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx and BlueJeans meetings, concatenate, edit and publish them as VoD.


255+ File Format Support

Bulk upload videos in 255+ supported formats, along with 360-Degree videos, and supporting audio, documents, and images.


Support on Multiple Devices and Bandwidths

Automatically encode videos in multiple formats to support playback on multiple devices and varying bandwidth conditions.


Enhanced Search Powered by AI

Use AI to search through spoken words, faces, objects, topics and tags. Additionally, define custom metadata for videos for improved filtering and search.


AI Generated Transcription and Translation

Use AI to transcribe and translate live and on-demand videos in 30+ languages.


Brandable Player

Customize the player template according to requirements (choose the options to include in the player, color, layout, features and more).


Brandable UI

Customize the portal layout, navigation, colors, include your logo and use your own domain.


Content Management

Create, edit, and categorize video content into playlists, collections or categories.



Insert quizzes, surveys and handouts in on-demand videos and use live chat and Q&A to interact with your audience in a live stream.


Multiple Portals

Create autonomous video portal libraries for different business functions, departments or divisions.


Secure Sharing

Share videos internally or externally with password-protected link sharing in end-to-end encrypted formats with optional DRM support.


Embedding on External Websites

Easily embed videos on external sites, either as anonymous access, or secure them with SSO/authenticated access.


Security Policies

Set your custom retention policy, login time-out, block IPs or geographic locations, and much more.


Audit Logs

For compliance and security requirements, monitor all activities on your portal through audit logs.


Drone Streaming

Live stream videos recorded from drones and map drone movement on a geospatial map.


Detailed Analytics

Evaluate the performance of your content through detailed engagement reports, completion, device and geographical heatmaps etc.


Single Sign-On Integration

Integrate with 25+ Single Sign-on applications such as Azure AD, Okta, ADFS etc.


Multilingual Portal

VIDIZMO platform is available in 12+ languages.



Integrate with existing applications like CRM, LMS, CMS, ERP, video conferencing systems etc.

Enterprise Video Streaming with Flexible Deployment Options

Choose to deploy according to security, compliance and organizational requirements

Cloud Deployment

  • Choose your Cloud provider
    • Azure (Commercial and Government)
    • AWS (Commercial and Government)
    • Any other cloud provider of choice
  • Choose your datacenter location
  • Choice of cloud management model
    • VIDIZMO managed cloud deployment
    • Self-managed cloud deployment


EnterpriseTube is easy to install on-premise and is for organizations that want to keep their data secure within their own data centers.

Hybrid Model

You can choose both cloud and on-premise models to store and stream your video content.


You can purchase EnterpriseTube as a SaaS application, deployed on VIDIZMO Cloud .


Stream Videos with Defined Access

Set access for videos as either anonymous, organization-wide, select departments or groups, or even on an individual level


User Groups

Create user groups for different departments and set access for videos on a group level


Role-Based Access

Assign roles to users within the application as viewer, contributor, moderator, manager, or administrator

Easily Integrate with Your Existing IT Systems

For seamless interoperability of video content across IT systems, VIDIZMO allows you to integrate with video conferencing systems, SSO, ERP, CMS, LMS, Analytics, and more. EnterpriseTube includes a number of native integrations and at VIDIZMO, we also provide customized integrations as part of professional services.

Leverage Your Existing Azure or AWS Subscription

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is available on the Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace as both Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) models.

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