Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN)

Through VIDIZMO eCDN, stream high-quality videos to a large audience on your corporate network without worrying about network overload

Why is eCDN Important?

Your corporate network may be fast and reliable internally, but its connection with outside networks (the internet) will only have limited bandwidth. High quality video streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth and without an eCDN, video is streamed from one source, which overloads your network. The problem is compounded during a live stream, when thousands of viewers request the video from the origin server at the same time.

By setting up an enterprise content delivery network, you can intelligently route video to deliver it from a source closest to the user. The bottom line – your viewers can enjoy an uninterrupted high-quality viewing experience, and at the same you can free up your network capacity for more business critical operations.

Why is eCDN Important

Configure Multiple Edge Caching Servers

You can configure your existing on-premise servers or caching appliances to act as an edge. You don’t need to deploy extra physical servers as you can install server applications on your existing VMs.

VIDIZMO player has in-built technology to intelligently fetch the cached copy of a video from the closest edge server, significantly reducing load on the source. Additionally, VIDIZMO eCDN intelligently routes traffic in the case of a failure of an edge server, by switching to other available servers in the network.

Leverage CDNs to Optimize Delivery to Your Global Offices

With globally spanning cloud enterprise CDN coverage, we give you the maximal video scale and delivery to a worldwide audience. For instance, VIDIZMO default Microsoft Azure CDN from Verizon and Akamai

has points-of-presence (POP) and caching servers around the globe. Similarly, you can opt for Amazon CloudFront CDN which has 225+ points of presence (PoPs) around the globe. With broad regional CDN and POP locations, you can also comply with regional regulatory/legal compliance requirements through your cloud provider’s set of compliance offerings.

Leverage CDNs to Optimize Delivery to Your Global Offices
Efficient Live Video Distribution with Multicast or P2P Streaming

Efficient Live Video Distribution with Multicast or P2P Streaming

You can opt for both multicast and peer-to-peer video streaming for highly reliable and bandwidth-efficient live video delivery to a large audience. Through P2P streaming, you can enable users’ devices to redistribute video to one another. In multicast, you can convert an incoming unicast stream into multicast streams for distribution to several recipients simultaneously. Both streaming technologies carry their own benefits in terms of bandwidth optimization, scalability, costs etc. so you can choose the one best suited for your organization.

Flexibility of Modern and Progressive Video Streaming

Stream live or on-demand video using modern or progressive streaming protocols for high-quality playback, and reduced buffering or extra strain on your network.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube uses modern HTTP protocols, including Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming as well as MPEG-DASH. Additionally, VIDIZMO also supports legacy streaming protocols such as Adobe RTMP for Flash-based video streaming, Microsoft MMS for various Windows Applications, and RTSP. With this, you can leverage advantages inherent in both legacy and contemporary streaming protocols to provide you with the streaming architecture suited for your organization.

Efficient Live Video Distribution with Multicast or P2P Streaming

Key eCDN Features

Edge Caching

Edge Caching

Configure your existing on-premise servers as edge nodes to cache videos and distribute them

P2P Streaming

P2P Streaming

You can opt for P2P streaming, where each users’ device redistributes videos to others in the network.

Multicast Streaming

Multicast Streaming

You can opt for multicast streaming, where multiple users can access videos simultaneously from one multicast stream.

Intelligent Fallback Logic

Intelligent Fallback Logic

In the case of failure of an edge server, VIDIZMO Enterprisetube intelligently delivers videos to users from other available edge servers in the network.


Low Latency Live Streaming

Through modern streaming protocols, live stream videos with reduced delays in transmission.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Ensure optimal quality playback according to the end users’ internet connection.



Videos are transcoded into multiple renditions to ensure optimal playback on varying devices and bandwidth conditions.

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