Enterprise Video Streaming & Content Management System

Create, host, manage, search, stream and share video and digital content on cloud, on premise or in a hybrid infrastructure using our Enterprise Video Streaming & Content Management System (CMS) 

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Enterprise Video Streaming & Content Management


Manage all digital content in a single Content Management System (CMS)

VIDIZMO is a complete video Content Management System (CMS) specializing in video streaming. From content ingestion to content sharing, VIDIZMO offers a multilingual content library to store, manage, search, edit, annotate and much more in a fully secure manner.


Conduct remote training through live & on-demand video Learning Management System (LMS)

Create a self-paced and real-time virtual classroom environment to educate, train and evaluate learners through live and on-demand video with a combination of features aimed at capturing lectures, transcribing recordings and much more. With LMS integration, VIDIZMO consolidates all digital learning content, learners’ progress and performance reports in a centralized system.


Facilitate creation & dissemination of User Generated Content

Enable your employees or learners to easily create and share content such as training videos with other employees or learners in the organization to promote a fully collaborative learning environment.


Create Autonomous Private Portals under One License

Replicate your organizational units or divisions with multiple private and branded portals while ensuring autonomy for each department in terms content privacy, users, branding, licensing, billing, storage, encoding and administrative policies.

Eliminate silos of digital content residing in your existing applications through integration with VIDIZMO Maximize the ROI of digital content by integrating VIDIZMO with existing IT systems and applications including but not limited to CRM, CMS, LMS, video conferencing systems, tracking applications and single sign-on protocols of various identity providers.
Reach and interact with an unlimited number of viewers globally Broadcast live streaming on the internet using Content Delivery Network (CDN) that delivers content on the fly to Mac, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. With a distinct set of features specifically designed for live streaming, you can engage in live chat, conduct Q/A sessions, integrate your Twitter & Yammer feeds in the live stream, collect feedback through surveys or measure knowledge uptake using quizzes.

Leverage search inside video, automatic transcription, facial recognition and indexing with Artificial Intelligence

Save money and time spent on searching, transcribing and indexing ever-increasing content in the video portal library. VIDIZMO makes search quicker and easier by recognizing faces, objects, voice and other unique identifiers through AI.

Secure Your Digital Media Content from Upload to Delivery Ensure complete protection of your digital content with highly customizable security policy and user roles, as well as permissions for each video channel library. VIDIZMO employs the latest technology to secure your digital content using authentication, encryption, DRM etc.

Adhere to International, national and industry-specific Video CMS compliances

Stay aligned with major international, regional and country-specific compliances related to data protection, security, accessibility etc. VIDIZMO Video CMS covers a wide range of compliances such as GDPR, CCPA and section 508, to name a few.


Measure the ROI of each video with detailed video analytics and reports dashboard

Make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of your video content with real-time video analytics dashboard. In addition, get detailed user-level analytics on interactive live/on-demand video quizzes and surveys. Furthermore, track user activity with third-party tracking tools such as Google Analytics.


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