Bringing you enhanced, WebRTC-encoded low latency live streaming

for communication and engagement with an unlimited number of viewers.


Stream to Unlimited Concurrent Viewers at Scale

VIDIZMO now delivers peer-to-peer, low latency live streaming to enable real-time enterprise communications with minimal sub-second latency. With WebRTC technology, we provide browser-based video encoding for optimized video streaming and delivery to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers on all devices. Capture video directly from your webcam, encode the video and stream it with low latency to all user devices directly from the browser with optimized bandwidth.

End-to-End Management for Real-Time and Recorded Live Video Stream

Create multiple, concurrent live webcasts and stream to an unlimited number of viewers with interactivity such as live chat, quizzes and surveys for real-time engagement, and record your broadcasts to share as on-demand videos. VIDIZMO provides end-to-end video management to host, search, organize, analyze and share your videos with extensive controls to ensure complete privacy and security for your content.


Featured Use Cases


Interactive Broadcasts

Stream live CEO broadcasts and corporate town hall meetings to unlimited concurrent viewers with features such as live chat and Q&A, and through low latency streaming to create a highly interactive stream with instant feedback and high audience engagement

Drone Video Streaming

Low latency live streaming is crucial for drones in public safety and law enforcement use cases. Ensure a smooth streaming experience and avoid delays that can have serious implications on coordinated, time-sensitive responses to events unfolding in real-time.

Customer Engagement

An engaged customer is a happy customer. Include customer voices in your sales and marketing strategy by leveraging real-time interactivity with live Q&A, chat and surveys to receive direct feedback from your customers and increase engagement for better sales conversions.


Professional WebRTC Services

VIDIZMO offersWebRTC capabilities using specialized technologies as part of our native or professional services for secure and low latency live video streaming, including:

  • VP8/VP9 Video and Vorbis/Opus Audio Codec Support
  • Recording of Transcoded Streams in H.264/AAC MP4 Format
  • Input and Output of VP8/VP9, Vorbis, and Opus via RTSP/RTP
  • WebRTC Session Description Protocol (SDP)
  • TCP Support
  • Generic Command Implementation

VIDIZMO: A Complete Video Content Management Solution

VIDIZMO offers end-to-end video streaming and content management solutions to provide high-quality enterprise video experiences for internal and external users.

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